The Southern Suburbs area sustains schools and tertiary institutions of an international standard which have been established for decades and produce exceptional results with many boasting 100% pass rates year on year. See below for a full list of institutions and their respective contact information.

School Sector Phase Suburb Tel Email
ABBOTT’S COLLEGE Independent Secondary Claremont 0216711173
ABBOTT’S COLLEGE FINISHING SCHOOL Independent n/a Claremont 0216711173
ACHIEVERS TUTORIAL COLLEGE Independent Combined Kenilworth 0216715629
AFRICAN CHILDREN’S CHOIR Independent Combined Rondebosch 0216897810
AUBURN HOUSE SCHOOL Independent Primary Kenilworth 0217977872
BERGVLIET PRIM. Public Primary Bergvliet 0217151103
BISHOPS Independent Combined Rondebosch 0216591000
CAFDA PRIM. Public Primary Westlake 0217125759
CANONS CREEK PRIM. Independent Combined Pinelands 0215310912
CEDAR HOUSE SCHOOL Independent Secondary Kenilworth 0217620649
CLAREMONT PRIM. Public Primary Claremont 0216742126
DELTA PRIM. Public Primary Westlake 0217121737
DOUGLAS ROAD PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217979533
GOLDEN GROVE PRIM. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216742155
GREENFIELD GIRLS’ PRIM. Public Primary Claremont 0217970554
GROOTE SCHUUR HS. Public Secondary Newlands 0216742165
GROOTE SCHUUR PRIM. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216857295
GROVE PRIM. Public Primary Claremont 0216742077
HERITAGE COLLEGE Independent Secondary Claremont 0216718153
HERSCHEL SEC Independent Combined Bishopscourt 0216707500
HERZLIA PRIM. (SOUTHERN SUB.) Independent Primary Constantia 0217153014
HIDAYATUL ISLAM COLLEGE Independent Primary Kensington 0215937544
HILLCREST SCHOOL. Independent Primary Mowbray 0216860090
IMMACULATA RK SEC. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217611930
INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CAPE TOWN Independent Combined Rondebosch 0217635300
JOHN GRAHAM PRIM. Public Primary Plumstead 0217974243
JOHN WYCLIFFE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Independent Combined Steenberg 0217979661
KENMERE PRIM. Public Primary Kensington 0215932300
KENSINGTON SEC. Public Secondary Kensington 0215933050
KIRSTENHOF PRIM. Public Primary Kirstenhof 0217011143
LEAP SCIENCE AND MATHS SCHOOL Independent Secondary Pinelands 0215319715
LIVINGSTONE HS. Public Secondary Claremont 0216715986
LOURIER PRIM. Public Intermediate Westlake 0217121979
MICHAEL OAK WALDORF SCHOOL. Independent Combined Kenilworth 0217979728
MICKLEFIELD SCHOOL. Independent Primary Rondebosch 0216856494
MUHAMMADEYAH MOS PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217978047
OAKHURST GIRLS’ PRIM. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216864404
OBSERVATORY JUNIOR Public Primary Observatory 0214471495
OTTERY ROAD (METH.) PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217623549
PINEHURST PRIM. Public Primary Pinelands 0215312783
PINELANDS HS. Public Secondary Pinelands 0215317410
PINELANDS NORTH PRIM. Public Primary Pinelands 0215313414
PLUMSTEAD HS. Public Secondary Plumstead 0217618066
PLUMSTEAD PREP. Public Primary Plumstead 0217053700
PREMIER COLLEGE Independent Secondary Claremont 0216710353
REDDAM HOUSE Independent Combined Westlake 0217022322
RHODES HS. Public Secondary Mowbray 0216898228
RONDEBOSCH BOYS’ HS. Public Secondary Rondebosch 0216863987
RONDEBOSCH BOYS’ PREP. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216864635
ROSEBANK JUNIOR Public Primary Rondebosch 0216894069
ROSMEAD CENTRAL PRIM. Public Primary Claremont 0216716502
RUSTENBURG GIRLS’ JUNIOR. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216891981
S.A. COLLEGE HS. Public Secondary Newlands 0216894164
S.A. COLLEGE JUNIOR. Public Primary Newlands 0216894001
SALT RIVER MOSLEM PRIM. Public Primary Observatory 0214479525
SALT RIVER SEC Public Secondary Observatory 0214481405
SANS SOUCI GIRLS’ HS. Public Secondary Newlands 0216717188
SIMON VAN DER STEL PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217622234
SOUTH PENINSULA HS. Public Secondary Plumstead 0217129318
SPRINGFIELD CONVENT OF THE HOLY ROSARY Independent Combined Wynberg 0217976169
ST. ANNE’S PRIM. Public Primary Plumstead 0217051324
ST. AUGUSTINE’S RC PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217613114
ST. GEORGE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Independent Combined Mowbray 0216899354
ST. JOHN’S RC PRIM. Public Primary Kensington 0215931960
STEENBERG PRIM Public Primary Steenberg 0217014293
STEENBERG SEC. Public Secondary Steenberg 0217012281
SWEET VALLEY PRIM. Public Primary Bergvliet 0217123081
THANDOKHULU SEC Public Secondary Mowbray 0216867823
THE PINELANDS PRIM. Public Primary Pinelands 0215313674
TIMOUR HALL PRIM. Public Primary Plumstead 0217621161
VOORTREKKER HS. Public Secondary Kenilworth 0217624268
WESTERFORD HS. Public Secondary Rondebosch 0216899154
WESTERN PROVINCE PREP. Independent Primary Kenilworth 0217618074
WINDERMERE PRIM. Public Primary Kensington 0215938264
WITTEBOME HS. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217611535
WYNBERG BOYS’ HS. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217974247
WYNBERG BOYS’ JUNIOR Public Primary Wynberg 0217625707
WYNBERG GIRLS’ HS. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217974163
WYNBERG GIRLS’ JUNIOR. Public Primary Wynberg 0217974214
WYNBERG SEK. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217970017


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