The Southern Suburbs area sustains schools and tertiary institutions of an international standard which have been established for decades and produce exceptional results with many boasting 100% pass rates year on year. See below for a full list of institutions and their respective contact information.

School Sector Phase Suburb Tel Email
ABBOTT’S COLLEGE Independent Secondary Claremont 0216711173 [email protected]
ABBOTT’S COLLEGE FINISHING SCHOOL Independent n/a Claremont 0216711173
ACHIEVERS TUTORIAL COLLEGE Independent Combined Kenilworth 0216715629
AFRICAN CHILDREN’S CHOIR Independent Combined Rondebosch 0216897810
AUBURN HOUSE SCHOOL Independent Primary Kenilworth 0217977872 [email protected]
BERGVLIET PRIM. Public Primary Bergvliet 0217151103 [email protected]
BISHOPS Independent Combined Rondebosch 0216591000 [email protected]
CAFDA PRIM. Public Primary Westlake 0217125759 [email protected]
CANONS CREEK PRIM. Independent Combined Pinelands 0215310912 [email protected]
CEDAR HOUSE SCHOOL Independent Secondary Kenilworth 0217620649 [email protected]
CLAREMONT PRIM. Public Primary Claremont 0216742126 [email protected]
DELTA PRIM. Public Primary Westlake 0217121737 [email protected]
DOUGLAS ROAD PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217979533 [email protected]
GOLDEN GROVE PRIM. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216742155 [email protected]
GREENFIELD GIRLS’ PRIM. Public Primary Claremont 0217970554 [email protected]
GROOTE SCHUUR HS. Public Secondary Newlands 0216742165 [email protected]
GROOTE SCHUUR PRIM. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216857295 [email protected]
GROVE PRIM. Public Primary Claremont 0216742077 [email protected]
HERITAGE COLLEGE Independent Secondary Claremont 0216718153 [email protected]
HERSCHEL SEC Independent Combined Bishopscourt 0216707500 [email protected]
HERZLIA PRIM. (SOUTHERN SUB.) Independent Primary Constantia 0217153014 [email protected]
HIDAYATUL ISLAM COLLEGE Independent Primary Kensington 0215937544 [email protected]
HILLCREST SCHOOL. Independent Primary Mowbray 0216860090 [email protected]
IMMACULATA RK SEC. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217611930 [email protected]
INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CAPE TOWN Independent Combined Rondebosch 0217635300 [email protected]
JOHN GRAHAM PRIM. Public Primary Plumstead 0217974243 [email protected]
JOHN WYCLIFFE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Independent Combined Steenberg 0217979661 [email protected]
KENMERE PRIM. Public Primary Kensington 0215932300 [email protected]
KENSINGTON SEC. Public Secondary Kensington 0215933050 [email protected]
KIRSTENHOF PRIM. Public Primary Kirstenhof 0217011143 [email protected]
LEAP SCIENCE AND MATHS SCHOOL Independent Secondary Pinelands 0215319715 [email protected]
LIVINGSTONE HS. Public Secondary Claremont 0216715986 [email protected]
LOURIER PRIM. Public Intermediate Westlake 0217121979
MICHAEL OAK WALDORF SCHOOL. Independent Combined Kenilworth 0217979728 [email protected]
MICKLEFIELD SCHOOL. Independent Primary Rondebosch 0216856494 [email protected]
MUHAMMADEYAH MOS PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217978047 [email protected]
OAKHURST GIRLS’ PRIM. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216864404 [email protected]
OBSERVATORY JUNIOR Public Primary Observatory 0214471495 [email protected]
OTTERY ROAD (METH.) PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217623549 [email protected]
PINEHURST PRIM. Public Primary Pinelands 0215312783 [email protected]
PINELANDS HS. Public Secondary Pinelands 0215317410 [email protected]
PINELANDS NORTH PRIM. Public Primary Pinelands 0215313414 [email protected]
PLUMSTEAD HS. Public Secondary Plumstead 0217618066 [email protected]
PLUMSTEAD PREP. Public Primary Plumstead 0217053700 [email protected]
PREMIER COLLEGE Independent Secondary Claremont 0216710353 [email protected]
REDDAM HOUSE Independent Combined Westlake 0217022322 [email protected]
RHODES HS. Public Secondary Mowbray 0216898228 [email protected]
RONDEBOSCH BOYS’ HS. Public Secondary Rondebosch 0216863987 [email protected]
RONDEBOSCH BOYS’ PREP. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216864635 [email protected]
ROSEBANK JUNIOR Public Primary Rondebosch 0216894069
ROSMEAD CENTRAL PRIM. Public Primary Claremont 0216716502 [email protected]
RUSTENBURG GIRLS’ JUNIOR. Public Primary Rondebosch 0216891981 [email protected]
S.A. COLLEGE HS. Public Secondary Newlands 0216894164 [email protected]
S.A. COLLEGE JUNIOR. Public Primary Newlands 0216894001 [email protected]
SALT RIVER MOSLEM PRIM. Public Primary Observatory 0214479525 [email protected]
SALT RIVER SEC Public Secondary Observatory 0214481405 [email protected]
SANS SOUCI GIRLS’ HS. Public Secondary Newlands 0216717188 [email protected]
SIMON VAN DER STEL PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217622234 [email protected]
SOUTH PENINSULA HS. Public Secondary Plumstead 0217129318 [email protected]
SPRINGFIELD CONVENT OF THE HOLY ROSARY Independent Combined Wynberg 0217976169 [email protected]
ST. ANNE’S PRIM. Public Primary Plumstead 0217051324 [email protected]
ST. AUGUSTINE’S RC PRIM. Public Primary Wynberg 0217613114 [email protected]
ST. GEORGE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Independent Combined Mowbray 0216899354 [email protected]
ST. JOHN’S RC PRIM. Public Primary Kensington 0215931960 [email protected]
STEENBERG PRIM Public Primary Steenberg 0217014293 [email protected]
STEENBERG SEC. Public Secondary Steenberg 0217012281 [email protected]
SWEET VALLEY PRIM. Public Primary Bergvliet 0217123081 [email protected]
THANDOKHULU SEC Public Secondary Mowbray 0216867823 [email protected]
THE PINELANDS PRIM. Public Primary Pinelands 0215313674 [email protected]
TIMOUR HALL PRIM. Public Primary Plumstead 0217621161 [email protected]
VOORTREKKER HS. Public Secondary Kenilworth 0217624268 [email protected]
WESTERFORD HS. Public Secondary Rondebosch 0216899154 [email protected]
WESTERN PROVINCE PREP. Independent Primary Kenilworth 0217618074 [email protected]
WINDERMERE PRIM. Public Primary Kensington 0215938264 [email protected]
WITTEBOME HS. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217611535 [email protected]
WYNBERG BOYS’ HS. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217974247 [email protected]
WYNBERG BOYS’ JUNIOR Public Primary Wynberg 0217625707 [email protected]
WYNBERG GIRLS’ HS. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217974163 [email protected]
WYNBERG GIRLS’ JUNIOR. Public Primary Wynberg 0217974214 [email protected]
WYNBERG SEK. Public Secondary Wynberg 0217970017 [email protected]


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