9 Mains Avenue

9 Mains Avenue

Ms Pam Golding
Pam Golding Properties
Main Road

Dear Ms Golding

I make a fuss when I get bad service, so it is only fair to make an equal fuss when good service comes my way, and I have to put on record my appreciation of the outstanding service rendered by Ms Pam Sorel during the long drawn-out and exceedingly complex imbroglio which the sale of my house turned out to be.

What should have been a relatively simple transaction became, through no-one’s fault, a procession of triumphs and disasters and hopes and disappointments which made Codesa resemble a PTA meeting.

In particular, one prospective buyer was brusque, manner­ less and insulting, and was in every respect a salesperson’s nightmare; Ms Sorel handled him with courtesy and grace, never losing her professionalism.

My job puts me into conference rooms with salespeople of all types, and I must tell you that if Ms Sorel is typical of your sales force then it is no wonder that your organisation occupies the envied position which it does in
your field.

My felicitations.
Michael Beer